Quality and Environment initiatives

Quality control

Quality assurance system built by systems
Our technologies will bring by UL and CSA standard approval

SANKO SANGYO makes products. Our mission is to produce the products that meet specifications efficiently and quickly. We always use latest measuring equipment to ensure accuracy and durability. At the same time, each process is checked frequency and sent the product to the following process with complete confidence in its quality. In addition, thorough communication among departments ensures accurate and quick information transmission and eliminates defective products. The history of adhering to the basics of quality control has led to SANKO SANGYO’s quality assurance system. The UL and CSA standards have also been acquired in this corporate culture.

Correlation between hardware and
software promotes further technological advances

The history of printing can be regarded as the history of the development of printing machines. Along with the changing times, the content required for printing has significantly changed in terms of accuracy and expressiveness. SANKO SANGYO has always responded to the demands of the times by using the latest machines and equipment. In addition, skilled engineers are indispensable to operate these complex and sophisticated machines. The more sophisticated machines are more susceptible to external conditions such as temperature and humidity. Therefore, it is the experience of SANKO SANGYO’s skilled technicians and the data accumulated over the years that provide the optimal operating conditions for the machine.

Customer satisfaction leads to
quality assurance

"Provide satisfying products and services" is the basic philosophy of quality assurance at SANKO SANGYO. With this in mind, each employee carries out his or her daily duties to deliver high-quality products and services to customers. As a result, SANKO SANGYO has earned the trust of many customers over many years. As part of this effort, every facility in Japan and overseas has acquired ISO9001 certification as the international standard for quality management.

【 ISO 9001 Certification status 】
Business sites/affiliated companies Date of acquisition
SANKO SANGYO Head Office 2005/9/9
Osaka Branch Office/Factory 2005/3/25
Kawagoe Factory 2005/9/9
Nagano Factory


SANKO SANGYO is tackling environmental issues
with the following two major policies.

1. Implementing environmentally
conscious management

Based on the philosophy of "Maintaining a Beautiful Environment" and "Activities that Give Consideration to the Better Global Environment," SANKO SANGYO implements environmentally conscious management. As part of this, its manufacturing facilities in Japan and overseas have acquired the ISO14001 certification as the international standard for environmental conservation.

【 ISO 14001 Certification Status 】
Business sites/affiliated companies Date of acquisition
Kawagoe Factory 2000/9/13
Nagano Factory
Osaka Branch Office/Factory

These offices are implementing the following activities in producing printed products.

  1. A. Reduction of waste
  2. B. Reduction of environmentally hazardous materials
  3. C. Promotion of energy and resource conservation
  4. D. Promotion of greening

These activities have achieved results year by year. They have led to improvements in employee awareness, contributions to local communities, and high praise from customers.

2. Customer satisfaction and contribution to
society through green procurement

In recent years, society’s demands for environmental awareness have been increasing year by year. Environmental issues are unavoidable for companies. Our customers have also positioned this issue as an essential corporate theme. They have been demanding strict management of environmentally hazardous materials following domestic and overseas laws. In response, we have established our own procedures for managing environmentally hazardous materials and Green Procurement Standards and established a management system to satisfy our customers’ demands. As a result, we have obtained the Green Partner Certification of Sony Corporation and received the CMS Certification of Ricoh Co., Ltd. Also, we have earned a great deal of trust from our customers and a reputation as a company that provides products and services that comply with the spirit of compliance and respond to social demands.