Privacy policy

SANKO SANGYO HP handling and management of personal information

SANKO SANGYO Co., Ltd. (the "Company") handles personal information based on the following policies.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

The company will comply with established laws and related regulations regarding handling personal information used in business.

2. Acquisition of personal information

We will acquire personal information by appropriate and fair means.

3. Use of personal information

The company will use the obtained personal information to the extent necessary for appropriately operating the company’s business.

4. Safety management of personal information

We will take necessary measures to prevent leakage, loss, destruction, falsification, or unauthorized access of personal information.

5. Provision to third parties

Except for cases stipulated by laws and regulations, the company will not provide the acquired personal information to a third party without obtaining the consent of the person in advance. However, the company may provide the personal information to a third party if any of the following applies.

6. Disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information

If a person wishes to disclose, correct, or delete personal information, the company will respond appropriately based on laws and regulations after confirming the person’s identity.

7. Development of the internal system

The company provides in-house officers and employees in-house education regarding the handling of personal information.

Inquiries regarding personal information

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