Our Products / Services

Various category of
Special Printing Products

SANKO SANGYO has always been the industrial leader of special printed products,such as adhesive labels, stickers and panels.
Our labels and panels are used with food packaging, operation panels for OA equipment, in display windows for mobile equipment and digital cameras, and with automobile-related equipment.

Increase the Value
by Printing and Processing

SANKO SANGYO has take responsibility for add value to our customers’ products. We work closely with our clients and engage in research and development
so we can provide products that are not only functional, but also decorative and pleasing, for example, with our AV equipment interfaces.
Recently we developed new robust sheet products that can withstand
harsh environmental conditions. Such new technologies provide to customers with the solutions they need, where they need them.

Development of
New Interfaces

By developing printing products for a wide selection of materials such as plastics, glass and films, SANKO SANGYO has been able to create user-friendly and man-machine interfaces. Our touch panels are a good example, and are being used effectively in smartphones and car navigation systems.

SANKO SANGYO Technologies
are Utilized Everywhere

In towns

On the train

Door Stickers/Twin Stickers

At station

IC Card Touch Panels/Ticket Machines/Display Panels

Digital signage

Large Glass Panels


Navigation System Decorative Touch Panels (Glass, Resin, Film)/ETC Device Decorative Panels/Car Audio Operation Panels


Back Monitor Camera Components/Loading Capacity Labels/Vehicle Stickers


Helmet Stickers/Ornament Batches/Signal Lamp Panels

Gas (Petrol) station

Refueling Operation Panels/Car Washing Display Panels/Automotive EV Charging Stand Panels


LCD Cover Glass/Operation Panels/Waterproof Packing


Influenza Diagnostic Equipment Labels/Chest X-Ray Panels/Endoscope Logo Batches


Toner Cartridge Labels/Surface Resistance Conductive Sheet/Operation Guide Panels/Touch Pad Face Sheets/ Thermal Conductive Sheets /Brand Batches


Passenger Seat Operation Panels/External Monitor Camera Components

Convenience store

IC Card Reader Panels/Cash Register Operation Panels/Various POPs

Vending machine

Dummy Cans/Operation Panels


Operation Panels/Various Labels

Security camera

Lens Covers/Various Labels

At home


Speaker Sheets/Logo Batches/Connector Labels

DVD/Blu-ray recorder

Front Panels/Brand Logo Batches/POP Stickers


Aluminum Case Components/Glass Top Plates/Wireless Speaker Panels


TP Decorative Panels (Glass/Resin/Film)/Rear Panels/Camera Panels

Tablet terminal/E-book

Speaker Sheets/ASF/TP Decorative Panels

Digital camera

LCD Cover Panels/Front Grip/Mode Dials

Video camera

Lens Rings/Grips/ND Filters

LED lighting

Heat Dissipation Sheets/Insulating Covers/LED Diffusion Tubes


Operation Panels/Metal Panels/Operation Manuals

Smart grid

Smart Meters (Operation Panels)/ Solar Power Home Batteries (Name Plates/HEMS Operation Panel Components)


Operation Panels/Logo Batches

Air conditioner

Embossed Panels/Logo Batches/Display Nameplates


TP Decorative Panels/Side Panels/Logo Nameplates/Rating Nameplates

Game machine

LCD Screen Panels/Rear Panels/Operation Buttons

Bathroom TV

LCD Covers/Various Labels


Extra Seals/Cards


Intro Seals/Various Appendices