Corporate philosophy

Contribute to society though innovative
technology and high quality

Since we established in 1960, Japanese society has made great strides in various fields around the world.
Our business started from importing materials for labels and stickers and processing and manufacturing in Japan. However, it has dramatically expanded the range of product use and improved technology with the development of Japanese society and industry.
We pride ourselves on the strength of our company, which has always been engaged in research and development together with our customers. We created numerous products through these steps since we established.
We want to cherish this history, further improve our technological capabilities with face environmental issues. We hope to expand the field and leap forward from this stance.

CEO / President and Executive Officer

Corporate ethics policy

All officers and employees of the group will act with social decency in
compliance with all laws and international rules, not only domestic
but also international, in conducting business activities.

1. Providing safe and high-quality products

We provide safe, high-quality products based on our accumulated technologies and extensive experience in research and development with our customers.

2. Secure sound profits

We will strive to secure good profits to realize dynamic development and fulfill our social responsibilities.

3. Harmony with local communities

We build and maintain good relationships with local communities, actively promote social contribution activities, and promote harmony with society.

4. Proper handling of information

We understand the importance and need to protect confidential information and customer information that we have learned during the business and handle appropriately.

5. Fair competition in business

We comply with laws and regulations, conduct fair and free competition with other companies in the same industry, and refrain from illegal way.

6. Ensuring the safety and health of employees

We strive to ensure the safety and health of our employees in the workplace with create a comfortable and friendly environment.

7. Realizing employee comfort and prosperity

By improving working conditions, we strive to make our employees more wealthy, mentally relaxed, with more free time on life.

8. Disclosure and transparency of corporate information

We strive to ensure reliable financial reporting by making corporate accounting transparent, sound, and appropriate.

9. Environmental conservation activities

Recognizing the importance of environmental issues, we comply with environment-related laws and international standards such as ISO14001 for global environmental conservation, strive for environmentally friendly technology and development, and always consider safety.

10. Response to antisocial forces

We take a strong stance and cooperate closely with relevant government agencies such as the police against antisocial forces that threaten the social order and the sound activities of companies.

11. Overseas business activities

In overseas business activities, we comply with international rules and local laws and fully respect the country’s culture and customs.